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​A cafe where you can spend time with birds

Kotori Smile

Looking at Kotori,

Interacting with Kotori,

Enjoy Kotori sweets,

Kotori motif

Bring back souvenirs,

A moment filled with such things

This is a concept cafe where you can spend your time.



Kotori Cafe Shinsaibashi opens as the first Kansai Osaka store


Reopened as a new store [Kotori Smile]

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​About Kotori staff

A familiar partner budgie or cockatiel,love birdIt is said to be the most beautiful parrot in the world, including black parrot or,Japanese parrot and blue-bellied parrot Many attractive birds, including a large hybrid parrot, will welcome you.

For hygiene reasons, we do not allow birds to accompany us or let them roam free.